Destination Marketing

Are you a DMO creating a compelling brand for a specific location and promoting it to potential visitors with the goal of encouraging them to travel there? We’ve helped destination managers, tourism boards and travel industry leaders to increase the visibility of a destination, attract the right visitors, and boost the local economy through tourism. This can be achieved through a variety of marketing channels, including traditional advertising, public relations, content marketing, and digital marketing.

Main pillars of destination marketing

There are several key components in destination marketing and promotion that work together to create a comprehensive and effective destination marketing strategy. By focusing on these key components, destination marketers can create a strong and appealing brand image for their destination and effectively promote it to target audiences.


Developing a clear and distinct brand image for the destination that sets it apart from the competition.


Understanding the target markets and their preferences, behaviours, and motivations for travel, as well as gathering information about the destination’s strengths and weaknesses.

Product development

Enhancing the destination’s offers, attractions, and experiences.


Using various marketing channels, such as advertising, public relations, content marketing, video production and digital marketing, to create awareness and interest in the destination.

Partnership development

Building strong partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders, local businesses, government organizations, and tourism boards, to jointly promote the destination and enhance what it has to offer.

Tracking and evaluation

Regularly monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of destination marketing efforts and making adjustments as needed to ensure that goals are being met.

Helping Clients Navigate Video Marketing

We help our clients with some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to video marketing in 2023. With years of experience in video production, strategy and marketing, we provide our clients with clear and concise answers, helping them better understand the power of video marketing and how to best use it to reach their business goals.

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